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Fishing Report Summer 2016

Fishing has been outstanding this Summer.  Drop me a line for availability, I have boats open for Carter's, Allatoona, and Chickamauga Lakes.  706.218.6609 20160606 07333420160610 073711

20160604 065101

Fishing Report Fall/Winter 2015

The weather is beautiful and after a long hot Summer full of fun trips, I'm ready for the cool-down and change we're experiencing here in North GA.  Turnover is starting :( fish are in big schools both deep and shallow, baitfish are everywhere, Fall is here.  

Drop me a line for availability in November and December for Carters Lake and for Rick's availability on Lake Allatoona. We're both on fantastic bite(s) right now for multiple species.




Fishing Report May, Summer already???

Bring on the hot weather!  Surface water temps are already approaching 80 degrees in the afternoons.  Crazy warm weather for early May.  Fishing is improving daily and I expect fish to be in full Summer pattern by the end of May.  I love the warm weather myself, this is my favorite few months of the year.  It's the best time to catch multiple species daily.  I'm already seeing some huge Walleye and the Hybrids are turning up almost daily as well.    

1430611445951 IMG 20150502 110200 947

1430611761151 IMG 1167

1430611883447 IMG 20150428 110457 342

1430611800349 IMG952656


I'm booking out 6+ weeks right now so book your trip in advance.  I can always have you on board with short notice with one of my other professional guides at Carters Lake or Lake Allatoona.  Call me or drop me a line today and reserve your Summer family trip while we have availability.  LB

Fishing Report April/Spring 2015

Fishing is good, improving daily.  Water temps are now in the mid-60's and fishing is changing daily.  Somedays I'm seeing a great moving bite like a topwater or jerkbait, others it's hard to get much of a reaction bite at all.  Striper fishing is really heating up in day and night.  The Herring spawn started a couple of weeks ago and has the Stripers really fired up at night and early morning.  

I'm booking out faster than any year before so if interested in a trip please drop me a line for availability and reserve your date in advance.  Here's a few pics from the last few days.  706-218-6609

1427850788474 IMG 20150331 181036

1427839767104 IMG 20150331 1806591428686291123 IMG 20150409 073850 777

Fishing Report January 2015 ALSO>>(ST CROIX PROMO)

Happy New Year to you all!  Thanks so much for making 2014 another record year for Carters Lake Guide Service.  I hope to see you all back on my boats again this year!  Fishing is slowing a bit for numbers but as most of you know this is the time to catch a big Spotted Bass or Striper, so if you can brave the cold drop me a line and lets get out there.  Check out this personal best 4lb Spotted Bass caught by Isaac!  Great fish buddy!  4lb Spotted Bass *PLUS* a drop shot rig *PLUS* 5lb Sunline *PLUS* a St Croix Avid 6'9 Med Lt rod EQUALS FUN!1420408370047 IMG 20150103 114403  

As most of you know I'm a huge advocate of getting your kids out on the water at a young age.  I've been taking my little girl since she was old enough to walk.  Recently I took her out for a few hours while she was enjoying her Christmas break from school.  I realized just how far she's come over the past couple of years.  She's noticing things now that honestly blows my mind.  Things like water clarity and picking out fish on the graph, it's crazy for a 7 year old but it's a testimate to how much they pick up and are listening.  I've had clients for years ask me "how old do my kids need to be?"  I'm sure it's different with every child but one thing I always say is, don't worry about "keeping them quiet" or "their attention span" the most important thing is getting them out and catching fish, period.  Being outdoors and experiencing outdoor activities is so much more developmental than sitting in front of a computer or TV.  I realize this time of year isn't often condusive to having kids out, but plan ahead and make sure to get them out regularly.  This is a fantastic resource for our kids to enjoy!1420408415861 20150101 141426 1

As you guys know I've been supported by St Croix Rods since 2009.  This is the ONLY Rod I use on my boats!  I always like for everyone to be aware of any promo's or savings going on with St Croix so here's the latest.  Here's a quick how-to on this promo....

1.  Purchase a St Croix valued @ $80 or more

2. Take the tag off the rod mail it with the coupon you print from stcroixrods.com, along with $9.95 shipping 




Fishing Report December 2014

Spotted Bass: Fishing is good!  Water temps are 50-53 across the lake and river with great visibility and "lake turnover" behind us, finally :')  IF you're a bass fisherman like me, and don't mind working hard for a big fish, you need to get in touch with me now.  The big Spotted Bass are biting and you can catch them in a variety of ways.  Spotsticker Casting Jigs, Jigheads, and drop shots are all producing as well as the ever-so-popular Float n Fly.  IF you haven't tried the FnF technique and you live near a clear water reservoir, you need to give  it a go.  I know it's kinda goofy looking, and frankly I'd prefer to be throwing a jerkbait, crankbait, or jig, but somedays it takes the long rod and lite pole to get it done.  8ft St Croix Spinning Rods in Lite Action are my choice, I'm using the Premier 8'6 but also love the Avid 8'6 Steelhead rod too.   I promise I won't disappoint :')  This is also a great time to work on your electronics and locating fish out deep, this will make you a bette fisherman anywhere you fish.  1417641405790 IMG 20141203 120851

1418249102853 IMG 20141205 081955 153

1418342283824 IMG 20141211 142951


Family/Striper trips:  The Striper bite hasn't peaked yet.  However, I've had fantastic success on all my livebait trips thus far through Winter and I expect this to be  the trend throughout this Winter season.  The Spotted Bass have eaten well, and when I have hooked that elusive Striper it's been big, really big.  If you can stand the cold weather and have the proper clothing to be out in it all day we'll have a good day of fishing.  Drop me a line for availability today.  

1417641497104 IMG 20141129 131039

1418680631531 IMG 20141215 092534


Remember CLGS offer Gift Certificates!!!  Print directly for your home or office right here on the website.  Credit Cards accepted.  IF interested drop me a line (look for booking request button) or give me a call @ 706-218-6609----LB



Fishing Report FALL/November 2014

Fishing remains good despite the crazy weather.  We're days off our first major cold front of the year and water temps are now in the mid-60's, look for lake turnover to start sometime in the next couple of weeks.  IF you're looking to catch thefish of a lifetime please drop me a line ASAP while I have days available for hire.  We're still boating good numbers of fish and as always in the colder months, quality is fantastic.  IF you're after a big fish, now is the time to get on the water.  See our Recent Catches photo gallery for the latest pictures from the water.  Don't forget to follow us on Facebook.  LB

1415026351478 IMG 20141025 140512

1415026962946 IMG 20141022 142431