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Some gracious endorsements from clients...

January 18th, 2014

Subject: Fishing with Louie

To anyone that wants to catch fish this is the Man you need to hook up with.

5 of us went out this morning with a temp of 20 degrees. Wind chill was supposed to be around 5 to 0 degrees. The morning was a little slow but it didn't upset Louie that anyone could see. I thought the day was gonna be a flop and and we would not have held Louie responsible at all. It was cold. After a bit we landed a 16 lb striper and lost a couple more good fish. we kept at it and landed another 15 lb striper. We caught about 8 to 10 nice spots and lost a lot more than that. This was my second trip with Louie and I plan many more. He is the guy anyone should want to fish with. We all had a great time even if it was cold.

- Randy Trahan

carters lake guide bass

November 15th, 2013

Subject: Had a great time!


All three of us had a great time fishing with you earlier in the week. We are already excited about coming back in the spring and trying to catch some stripers at night on top-water. That sounds like a blast.

The video I took of dad reeling in his fish was 500MB, no idea how it was that big so my only option was to post it on YouTube. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm0UHDREt38&feature=youtu.be Let me know if you have any trouble viewing it.

Thanks again for such a great time!

Take Care,


carters lake guide striper

May 30th, 2013

For anyone who is looking for a great day of fishing. Carters Lake Guide Service is the only way to go. Not only is Louie a fantastic guide. I found he is also an even better person. My best friend and I took our first trip with Louie today. All I have to say is Louie is as advertised. You just cannot get any better instruction or receive any better knowledge of Carters Lake fishing techniques than what Louie provides. The time and the patience that Louie showed us is unmatched and greatly appreciated. It was an absolute pleasure fishing and learning from Louie. If you are interested in catching fish and having a great day on the water then Carters Lake Guide Service is your answer. LB is the BEST!!!!!

Thanks so much!

- Brian King

carters lake guide bass

February 18th, 2013

I'm no stranger to bass fishing and fishing guides. I was the Director of Advertising for BASS for 8 years during the incredible late 70's and 80's .After that I started my own company The Longshore Media Development Group Inc and represented all the BASS properties( for over 25 years) plus In Fisherman, Florida Sportsman, Saltwater Sportsman, Western Outdoors, Texas Fisherman, Chevy Outdoors to name a few . I had hundreds of opportunities to go bass fishing with the best …At Chevy my company built some of the most important partnerships they have ever had ..I was literally a partner with Tom Dyer at Hummingbird …We did some incredible programs…

That said . Last fall along came Louie Bartenfield and Carters Lake Guide Service .I found his FB page by accident..went to his web site and was just blown away .Who wouldn't be looking at all those pictures and videos of his guests catching these giant Coosa River Spotted bass on Carters Lake.. We communicated and in late January a friend and I went fishing with Louie for 3 days ..Cold blustery, lake up 10 feet past full pool and seesawing up and down every day .not optimal conditions…in 3 days we caught over 50 Coosa spots ..several 4's and a 5 lb giant ! That 5 pounder could have drowned a 10 lb largemouth . Just to dot the I's I had the good fortune to wrestle with a 20 lb Stripper…

I have never had such a good experience on a strange lake with a guide …NEVER…it seems to me that a lot of his guest turn into good friends. Count me in that group ..Louie can find the fish, figure out the bite, and deliver the whole package. He will teach you what to do and make sure you have the very best time …I thought I knew how to catch spotted bass. I leaned some techniques that I can't wait to use on Lake Martin my home lake .Book a few days with him today ..You'll be glad you did …Oh yes ….I'm going back in March and as many times as I can.. You just couldn't keep me away …Louie you da man !!

- Spencer H. Longshore, III

Time & Space, Inc.

carters lake guide bass

December 2012

After all of the talk about LB and Carters Lake I decided to take advantage of a trip up there with him. My son is back for the holidays from The Citadel. We were looking for something different than taking our boat out on Lanier again.

We met LB a bit before 7am Tuesday and started with the "fish & fly" technique which I had never heard of. Michael caught two fish that LB deemed "small". That was encouraging. We then moved on to other techniques.

I actually lost count of the number of fish we caught after 8 hours but it had to have been around 35. There were two cats mixed in there. Plus, at least two 5# spots and one 4+. The ones that were "small" would have suited me just fine on Lanier. Much to my surprise I really enjoyed the layout of the center console boat we were on. It was much better suited for what we were doing than the bass boat.

LB has it dialed in. We caught fish in almost every location we stopped at. His electronics were fantastic and he helped further my understanding of what we were looking at.

In short, we had a great time. LB was just super as a guide and a person. Very easy going, easy to talk with and very professional. For those of you that have met him you know what I mean. It seems more like you are fishing with your buddy than a "guide". It was, in fact, the best guide trip fresh or saltwater that we have ever been on. I highly recommend his services. The lake is beautiful. We saw only one boat the entire day. There are no docks on the lake so you feel like you have it all to yourself.

My son Michael and I learned a lot about fishing yesterday and that is knowledge we can take away and apply as we continue to grow as anglers.

Thanks Louie!

- Michael Nelems

carters lake guide bass

December 19th, 2012

Subject: Great trip

Louie, I want to start off by saying thank you!!!

LB and I have known each other for some time now through the local fishing community. I am a regional sales manager for a chemical manufacturer and I spend the majority of my time entertaining customers. Taking customers on a trip with LB is by far the best investment I have done in my career. From start to finish Louie is the man. I mean from the top notch boat, great rods and reels, super electronics, and his fish catching knowledge Louie is un-matched on Carters Lake. All of my customers had the time of their life and afterwards each of them vowed to book a trip of their own. I have lived in this area all of my life and any time Carters Lake was brought up in conversation some one always referred to it as being “the dead sea”. I can assure you that Louie will teach you otherwise.

- Jonathan Faith – Southern Chemical and Textiles

north georgia fishing guide trip

November 25th, 2012

Wow!! Not that I really doubted, but LB is for real. Two of my sons, one grandson, and I went to Carters Lake for the first time on Saturday and had a blast. We boated about 30 nice spots, 2 catfish, 1 striper and broke off a giant striper. I will have to go back and take my other son who missed this trip due to the flu. Thanks LB for adding to our family's highlights list!

- David Burns and family.

July 25th, 2012

I manage custom products for the world's largest flooring manufacturer and I want to tell anyone who is looking to impress their customers to call Louie and book a trip because you won't be disappointed. Louie is friendly, professional and will go the extra mile to make sure your clients are taken care of.... and man does he ever put you on fish!! We had less than ideal conditions for our half day trip, but we caught plenty of fish including a few of those famous Carters spotted bass in the 3-5 lb. class. My advice to you is, forget the golf trip, it's been done to death..... give your customers a unique experience they will remember by booking Louie Bartenfield.... LB, I will be back!

- Alan Osborne- Shaw Industries

Subject: Thank you...

Good afternoon Louie!

I just wanted to say thank you for showing the men in my life, (son, grandson, and husband), Stephen, Christian, and Joe, such a wonderful day of fishing! It was an exhilarating experience that they will remember and look back on for the rest of their lives. It only enhanced the trip with the fact that Christian caught that huge Striper!

We have been e-mailing your web site to our friends and family, so they can share in this happy occasion. Hopefully, this e-mail gets to you alright because I did not see a direct e-mail link to you on your web site. Thank you again for showing my family such a good time.


Robin Grimsley


Winter Striper

Thanks Robin! You can always reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Subject: Carters Lake with Louie B.
originally posted on forum.gon.com


OK guys! If you want to catch the biggest spotted bass of your life, call the man and go! We fished Saturday, and I promise you we had 10 fish at or over 4 pounds. I also got to see and hold a 6.99 pound spot (see below). It's big fish time, so go fish.

Thanks LB for a memorable trip and I'll be back soon!

- Brandt Kessler

Night Spots


Subject: Carters Lake Georgia


I just wanted to let you know about a trip Dave R. and I took over to Georgia a month ago. One night I was watching "Reel in the Outdoors" with Joe Thomas and he was visiting Carters Lake in Georgia. They mentioned many times about it being the best spotted bass lake in the country. As usual, I didn't believe the hype that goes with this statement so I started to do a little research. After some research and reading some Georgia fishing forums, it appeared that this lake has big spots.

As with all the shows, he provides the guides name and how to get a hold of them so I contacted Louie Bartenfield (LB). LB is the only guide on the lake and he knows it like the back of his hand. We had a tremendous time catching allot of fish and learning some new aspects on tuning your depth finders. As you can see from the attached picture, Dave and I did get the trophy spots we were after, both over five pounds. They hit like a mule train and fought all the way to the boat. Best fighting fish I have ever caught in freshwater. If you decide to go, you will not be disappointed.
Attached below is his website and contact information. Dave and I had such a good time we are going back this weekend and again in December. Awesome time with a new friend.

- Doug

Night Spots



I have really enjoyed my several trips with Louie. He has an excellent knowledge of seasonal patterns and his equipment is top notch.

He is always willing to go early and stay late to be sure you have a great trip. Looking forward to my next one.



- Allen Stanley

Walleye Madness


Subject: Fishing Trips


I've been fortunate to have fished all over North America and have fished with many fine guides. Louie is the best of the best.
Louie makes every trip easy and enjoyable. My wife Angela and I have taken many trips with Louie and had a blast on every one.
We've had 100+ fish days on Chickamauga and caught giant spots, big hybrids and monster stripers on Carters. 
Louie is great with setting up and teaching all the new marine electronics. He set up my boat with new Hummingbird electronics and made them easy to understand.
Any time of year if you want to have a great day on the water and catch fish Louie is the guide to call.




- Rick and Angela Graham




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