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"I actually lost count of the number of fish we caught after 8 hours..."

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September 2014

huge bass

Fish on Top, and in Good Numbers!

Hey folks! If you're not out on the water right now you're missing a bite that hasn't been around in a while: TOPWATER! Some of our late-summer locations are producing explosive topwater strikes on just about every visit. In fact, one of the best fish of August was caught on top (shown at right). My client and I had both made casts at the same time, and both hooked up immediately. His was a descent 2lb'er that came unbuttoned. I had a little dink I was skipping back to the boat when it came off too. Just about the time I said "I lost mine too" was a KABOOOOM! ---this monster unloaded both barrels and the fight was on!

Just how good was last month? --In August I recorded my best numbers of any month, not just this year, ANY year. In August, I had 5 days IN-A-ROW that we caught over 40 fish. That is incredible. We caught em, and we caught em, and we caught em.


sonar screenshot


When fish are piled up like this, it is hard NOT to get bit! Click to enlarge.

Although the topwater and moving baits were fun, the best numbers have been in deep offshore structure. This is a fishing technique that anyone of any skill level can do and we can expect it to continue to be good for several weeks.  Check out the images above from my Humminbird 1198SI. I still have openings this month, so don't miss this bite! Click here to book online now.

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Later Summer Has Been Good This Year

Late summer is typically one of the toughest times of year to fish. Baitfish are plentiful, water temps are hot and therefore oxygen levels are low, so fish are well fed and lethargic. HOWEVER, most nights have been unseasonably cool (many nights in the 60's!). Fish have been active late and feeding well. We've had several days catching over 30 bass. Size has been good as well --last month showed us several bags over 20 lbs (5 fish).


What to Expect This Month

Kids are back in school, football season is ramping up, and hunting season is just around the corner. What does this mean for us? ---the lakes are niiiiice and quiet. With Labor Day signaling the (effective) end of summer, boat traffic is down and many days we will have the lake all to ourselves (particularly on weekdays). Best of all, the fishing continues to be great and you can go out and absolutely wack-em! --makes for a great escape from the city!

big spot

Our fishing techniques will be the same as August, but just a bit deeper. Bass will be splitting into deep groups and shallow groups, and for those deep fish, the best way to target them is a 3/4 oz football jig. These fish will be hard to find, but typically the deep fish this time of year will be big ones. Sometimes, really big ones. For you trophy hunters, we will be looking below 35 feet for unwary cruisers.

The other good bite will be shallow using moving baits. Wind is going to be key as temps continue to cool into October and November. More wind = better bites. Flat-calm days will be tough, but in wind, downwind shorelines and main lake points will pile up threadfin and other baitfish. We will target them with shallow running, short billed jerkbaits. The new Strike King KVD Jerbait is ideal for targeting these fish. If you aren't familiar with this technique, book a trip with either Rick or me and we'll show you how it is done.

Attention White Fish Hunters

striper fishing guide

For those of you that like the powerful runs of big ol' linesides striper, your season is in the queue. Big, BIG striper are starting to move up, and as temperatures cool, we will be catching more of these monsters on both moving and live bait. With the recent activity on top, I wouldn't doubt that we'll catch some on topwater lures as well. If you like big striper and hybrids, get on the books now before we fill up!

For those of you near Atlanta...

allatoona fishing guide

Rick has been on a GREAT bite lately. If you are in the Atlanta area and want to get after some great spotted bass and hybrid fishing, book a trip with us and tell us you want to fish with Rick. He's a great guy and can really put you on them!

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