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Fishing Report, October week 1

Today is October just 2nd, a little early for a fishing report but I've had numerous emails and clients texting/calling that are really struggling with boating fish.  So here's my take on what's going on, and what it takes to get bit consistently right now.  

The absolute #1 reason fishing is so tough right now is Carters, Allatoona, and I'm sure most lakes in our area are dealing with TURNOVER.  Fall turnover happens when the water temperature at the surface drops to a point that is close to the thermocline temp.  If you go in any creek on the lake you'll probably see acres of bubbles and may even smell a hint of methane in these areas.  This will be followed by a cloudy look in the water and to be honest, it makes fishing really tough.  So stay away from the area's you see this going on in.

The #2 reason we have a tough bite right now is, fish are keyed in on very small threadfin shad that are by the millions roaming around the surface in the entire lake.  These small shad are hard to mimic and are easy targets for the Spots.  I'm imagine it's like eating popcorn for the Spots, I know I can eat popcorn until I fall over LOL.  I've had some Spots spit up as many as 5 or 6 fresh tiny threadfin before I get em in the boat.  

My go to baits right now are topwater like small Pop-R's, and Strike King Sexy Dawg Jr's.  Also, Swimbaits like Sebile Magic Swimmers or Strike King Sexy Swimmers, these baits may look big but in the water they give off a small profile and move little water which make them great choices.  Stay on the move, cover as much water during low light as possible.  If you run into a school of fish you can fool em with these baits.  Also drop shot small shad-like baits and have a jigging spoon on at all times.  Keep your eyes on your electronics and stay armed with the drop shot and spoon at all times.  You won't have long but if you can get it down there fast you'll more than likely hook up.

I have days available in October.  Here's a photo from the weekend.  Fish were caught on SK topwater and swimbaits.  More pics in the photo gallery as always.  LB  > 

Be sure to check out the NEW Rage Series Rods by St Croix.  This is the series I'm running on my boat and my guys are loving the Rage Rods!  I've had more compliments on this series than any I've ran on my boat in years.  We're using the 6'10 Medium power Casting Rod right now for topwater, small swimbaits like the SK Sexy Swimmer and Sebile, Jerkbaits, and even Under-spins like Fish Head Spins.  This particular rod is super versatile and my "go to" rod for Fall fishing.  Just ask Danny and Bobby pictured below.  These guys both left my boat looking to switch to the Rage Series, Bobby has switched all his spinning gear to the Rage Series in less than 48 hours :')  At only $150 retail the Rage Series may be the best bargain on the market right now.