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Fishing for big Spotted Bass is my passion. Although I enjoy fishing for big largemouth on area lakes, I'd much rather get after big spots. Gallery Icons BigBass

The Alabama Spotted Bass has its native home in the Coosawatee River drainage. Carter's Lake, my home lake, is an impoundment of the Coosawatee River. Locals, including myself, sometimes call these fish "Coosa Spots", not to be confused with a "Coosa Bass" which is a whole different species.
And while we're talking about species, you don't want to confuse the little Kentucky Spots with our big Coosa Spots either. Kentuckies are very similar, but you will rarely see them grow the size of the Alabama Spots. In Carter's, we regularly catch big Coosa Spots over 5 lbs, and each year, my clients boat several over 6lbs.

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Compared to other species, I'd rather catch spots than anything else, and anyone that knows these fish will likely say the same thing. Pound-for-pound, nothing hits harder, has more stamina, and more aggression than a big spot. They are mean fish, and a ton of fun to catch.


But they aren't easy to catch. In general, spots stay offshore and they roam open water following bait. This makes them tough to find. If that weren't bad enough, they can be as finicky as trout when it comes to lures they'll eat.  This is what makes Spotted Bass fishing an art in itself, you must be versatile to catch these fish day in, day out.

I'm partial to spots, yes, and if you don't get it, let me take you fishing. I promise I'll make you a believer.  Come experience the mighty Coosa River Spotted Bass!!!   Book a trip with me.



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