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Carters MAP location2

Carter's Lake

 Carter's Lake is an impoundment of the Coosawatee River and is located half-way between Atlanta and Chattanooga. Except for a single, small marina and a couple of state ramps, there are no docks or lakeside residences on the lake. In many places, you can't even see any man-made structure. The lake has corresponding boat traffic as well -not nearly what you would see on bigger lakes, like Lanier, Allatoona, or Chickamauga.Being remote, relatively uninhabited, and full of big fish makes this lake one of the best destinations I know of for someone looking for a really enjoyable fishing excursion.

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Chickamauga MAP location2

Lake Chickamauga

Chickamauga is big water. It is a big lake, fishes big, and has incredible populations of big largemouth, smallmouth, and spots. It also has giant striper, if you can find them. In the warm months you have thick pleasure boat traffic to contend with (being so close to Chattanooga) but its no big deal for fishing really.


This lake has just about every kind of feature you'd ever want to fish: steep rocky bluffs, huge mud/sand flats, breaking channels, grass beds, timber, boat docks,... It's a fun lake to fish.

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Allatoona MAP location2

Lake Allatoona

'Toona was called the "Dead Sea" for a long, long time. Rock and clay rendered the lake pretty infertile, and when you couple that with extremely heavy fishing pressure (lake is on the northwest side of Atlanta), what you are left with is tough fishing.


But you don't hear people slandering it like that much anymore. Allatoona is on a major upswing, and fishing is good. Not great, but good --you're lucky to break 12 lbs in bass on this lake (for 5 fish), but on good days you can catch high numbers.

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Weiss MAP location2

Lake Weiss

The Conasaugua and Coosawatee Rivers join to form the Oostanula River. The Oostanula River and Etowa Rivers join to form the Coosa River. The Coosa River flows through Rome, Georgia, then feeds Lake Weiss on the western border of Georgia. If you know anything about these river drainages, you can imagine the fishing in Lake Weiss is nothing short of awesome. And the large shallow flats and huge stump fields make this lake just plain fun to fish.

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