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Fishing for panfish is no doubt the best way to put numbers in the boat. If you're looking for pure all-around action, let's go panfishing. The polar opposite is striper fishing, where we might only get a few, but they'll be giants. With panfish, we might catch 50 in a day, and when the bite is really on, you could catch 200.

The other cool thing about panfish is how easy it is. Anyone, and I mean anyone can do this. It is great fun for fishermen and fisherwomen of any skill level. We often fish with a bobber - when it goes under, reel the fish in. It's that easy. And, I'll teach you what you need to know about finding and catching panfish if you want to later try it on your own.

A few thoughts on panfish... There are two primary kinds of panfish to target: bluegill and crappie. Crappie are the preferred panfish because they grow larger and they are really good to eat. Bluegill are smaller, but more prolific and a little easier to catch.



Interested in going? Send a booking request and we'll go!

Crappie Fishing Louie Bartenfield