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Fishing for catfish can be a good option for people wanting to learn how to fish. It is also a good option for anyone wanting to catch really big fish in warm months when striper fishing is slow. Catfish are almost always biting, and the reason I recommend them for fishing noobies is because there isn't much casting involved.

Bass fishing has challenges that some folks just don't want to face, like learning to cast a baitcaster. So if you're 1. Wanting to catch big fish, 2. Looking for an easy variety of fishing, and 3. Want to fill your fridge with tasty fresh fish, give catfishing a try.

The catfishing game is "throw the lines out and wait". There is a lot of down-time to socialize and is great for chatty people that might shy away from some of the technicalities of bass fishing. What is best for your group? Your best bet is to give me a call and we'll talk about it. I'll tell you what's biting and what is involved in catching them.

I typically fish for channel and blue catfish during the day, and big flatheads at night. But when you're catfishing, you never know what you're going to get. Channel and blue cats will readily take cut bait, but flathead prefer live bait.

The best time to book me for a catfishing trip would be June, July, or August.  Day or night this is a great time to get after a big Cat.  Carters or Chickamauga Lakes.

Catfish Fishing Louie Bartenfield