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Fishing for striper is an experience you won't soon forget. Gallery Icons StriperHybridsCarter's has a good population of big striper, and although you can catch them 12 months a year, there are prime times through the year to enhance your chances of hooking up with a big striper.  The prime months for striper action at Carters are Mid-April, May, Early-June, November, December, January, and early February. We catch them anywhere between 5 and 30 pounds in this lake, with much bigger fish turning up periodically.

Fishing for striper when they are on top is incredibly fun. And if you hang into a big one, you're in for a fight!  Techniques include: Topwater, Livebait, and Trolling.

Striper fishing is great fun and something anyone, and I mean ANYONE can do. Book a trip with me today and we'll stretch some line tomorrow!


IMG 0176 Michelle Striper Winter Striper