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Bill has been an avid tournament fisherman for 30 years and has been widely regarded as one of the best fisherman in our area.  It would be impossible to name all the tournaments Bill has won over the years on Carters, Allatoona, Weiss, and Chickamauga.  Bill competed in large trails such as Weiss Lake Championship Series and Chattanooga Bass Association as well as competing in hundreds of night tournaments and some national events like the Triton Owners Events on Old Hickory and Kentucky Lakes where Bill has had numerous top 10 finishes. 

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Bill is a true pioneer for many fishing techniques, including finesse fishing, deep structure fishing, and he may be the best I've ever seen at flipping/pitching.  Bill is a rare breed, he's one of the few fisherman who has no weakness. He has done and seen it all, and he is the most complete fisherman I've ever been around. 


Bill is now officially part of CLGS, and we are excited to offer two new lakes to our lake list:  Lake Allatoona and Lake Weiss.  Please send a booking request to us for rates and availability.  Bill also will offer trophy Smallmouth trips on the Tennessee River throughout the winter and early spring.